Trap and Lure

Altum Humilis is a planet dominated by the deadly Katzen and the vicious Stachel–both of which hate humans. But far above them is Mensch Moon, where mankind rules. This is where Alex “Bait” Snow lives with his scientist father, Benedict Snow. Mensch Moon is safe, even if it isn’t perfect, and Alex has no plans to leave.

But then his father is sent on a mission to Altum Humilis, and when he doesn’t return, Alex is forced to assume the worst. He doesn’t plan to follow his father to the planet, but when he is accidentally launched in a small vessel to Altum Forest, he is eager to search for his father. The Katzen who find him are happy to send him on his way… and one of them actually decides to help.

Trap is no normal Katzen–her silver fur is proof of that. She wants nothing to do with humans, but to save her sister, she volunteers to help the boy she calls Lure. Hopefully she can find his father and send both humans on their way. Then life can return to normal… right?

Little do they realize just what an adventure they’re setting out on… and just how dangerous asking questions can be.

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