Oh, Carolina!

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Salut! Comment ça va?

Yeah, I’ve been learning French. Along with many other things, because guess what?  In the–has it been two months? I don’t feel like doing math–in the two months since I last wrote, we have *deep breath* visited our (maternal) grandparents and our aunt, finally arrived in CAROLINA, the boys started going to a private school and Mom started teaching at said private school, and I started North Star academy!

We stayed in an apartment for a few weeks, and just yesterday moved into this lovely new house, courtesy of the Grays. It’s pretty awesome. Oh, and between our aunt and arrived in CAROLINA, we dropped Olivia off at Asbury University. She also got in a car accident, but she’s alright now. Quoth the fox: Alls well that ends well!

Speaking of well: Well, school kinda sucks. French is interesting, physical science is cool, English is all right, I’m learning things in art and the aerobic part of P.E. is nice. The rest of it… is school. And it feels like there’s a lot of it. Really, I guess I’m just lazy and easily distracted. Oh well. I just hope I have time to do NaNo this year.

Oh, and the title? Dad thought Oh Carolina by Needtobreathe was worthy of being referenced in a blog post. So-oh, Carolina! There ya go, papa.


How long will you lie there, O sluggard? When will you arise from your sleep? ~Proverbs 6:9, ESV

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