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Thanks for praying for us. That is incredibly encouraging. We remain confident God will continue work as Jack develops.

Things have gone amazingly well! Jack had the hernia surgery, then was discharged from the hospital on Mother’s Day. His passport arrived at the end of May. He has three more follow ups, and we hope to travel back to Nairobi mid July.

Below are a few updates regarding giving:

Financial needs completely met

Thanks to so many good friends, all the financial needs associated with Jack's birth have been met!

Expenses have been COMPLETELY met by many many many generous gifts! Thank you! This includes the airline fare, the out of pocket medical expenses beyond what our insurance covers in the US, and housing for a couple months.

We HAD a list of needed baby items, but most of them have already been provided! Thanks to so many of you for helping us this way!

Olivia, Grace, and Isaiah visiting their wee little bro!

Olivia, Grace, and Isaiah visiting their wee little bro!

Please give God thanks with us for:

* Meeting all our financial needs through great friends, family and support team!

* Jack’s out of the hospital! His first checkup went well!

* Jack’s hernia surgery went well, and he’s healing without any issues!
* Olivia’s jumped right into to TWO youth groups here!
* Bringing us safely to the right place for Jack to be born
* Safe delivery
* Breanna’s blood pressure is still under control
* Jack progressed so well despite being under developed and coming early
Please pray with us that:
* Jack will continue to grow in good health.
* Olivia will feel peace being away from friends and hearing the news our family dog died in Nairobi.
* Breanna’s blood pressure will become normal without medication
* The older kids will feel secure with all the recent changes
* We will clearly know the right time to return to Kenya.
* That God will get full credit for everything He has done

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  • Mark Meinecke says:

    Thank you, Jerry, for your continued updates on Jack and your family. I know that Jack’s slow growth rate is discouraging. But remember that much of his current development normally achieved in the uterus can be expected to be slower development outside. His growth rate should catch up after he is fully independent of all those medical apparatuses. God is with you. I know that He will provide and give you direction. I miss all of you and hope to someday meet Jack.

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