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Third Week (in pictures)

Mar 26 2012 Published by under Third Week


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Twelve Milliliters and Half an Inch

Mar 17 2012 Published by under Third Week

Finally recovering from a week long cold, I made it back in to the Neonatal ICU to see Jack. Breanna and I went with Kathi, Breanna’s mom. I really enjoyed seeing the change in how he looks. Jack’s putting on the baby fat and filling out. We’ll upload more pictures tomorrow.

The doctor told us he is now “feeding” on 12 milliliters of milk each day, with almost no residuals left in the stomach at the next feeding. They are adding extra calories to the milk to help with weight gain. Most of his nutrition comes from the milk now, and not the IV.

He had a second head scan and the bleeding they measured in the first scan has decreased and appears to be closing like expected. His heart murmur also is completely normal for his stage of development and should be closing.

Breanna changed his diaper, took his temperature, and measured him to be half an inch longer. Then she held him for a long while while both of us watching tried hard to stay awake.

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