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2 Weeks Old

Mar 15 2012 Published by under Second Week

Today is Jack’s 2 Week Birthday! He weighs just over 1 kilo (2.2 pounds). He is being fed 10ml of breast milk every four hours (through that little stomach tube).

He had a PICC line put in, and his umbilical arterial line was removed (so now his umbilical lines are completely disconnected).

He will be on antibiotics for two weeks for cholangitus that was causing liver dysfunction.

He had his first “bath” yesterday, which made him very unhappy!

A friend from Jerry’s days in PNG took the other kids to the art museum, and we were able to go out for lunch and get a few things we needed.

We’re currently staying in a hotel near the hospital that provides two free nights a week for us. The older siblings get to swim in the pool and Isaiah loves to ride the hospital shuttle! We’ll put pictures up tomorrow when we get back to the other house.

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A little setback

Mar 13 2012 Published by under Second Week

Jack’s doctor told me that his regular lab work came back. His numbers were high and showed some liver dysfunction. They will put him on antibiotics.

They also did an ultrasound of his liver and consulted with an infectious disease doctor.

We have really appreciated the communication from the medical staff here. If we don’t see Jack’s doctor each day, she will call us and give us his updates over the phone. We can also call in anytime and after verifying our identity, they tell us his status.

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Breanna Discharged

Mar 06 2012 Published by under Second Week

I was told to expect to stay in the hospital after the c-section and Jack’s birth. I got two extra days in because my blood pressure was still high. But with Jack just around the corner in the NICU, I wasn’t too bummed about it. A bit of juggling with the meds, and the blood pressure stayed down enough to win my freedom. It’s great to be with the rest of the family, but was hard to leave Jack at the hospital! Thankfully, we’re provided with two free nights in a hotel around the corner from the hospital, since mom and dad’s house is almost an hour away.


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