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Jul 23 2012 Published by under After NICU

Jack from Jered Hurd on Vimeo.

Jack’s story in video.

It’s God who made this possible, and we are thankful beyond mere words.

But He worked through a ton of amazing people, and we appreciate our friends and fellow missionaries in East Africa who went the extra mile so we could be where we needed to be; Breanna’s family who took care of us for over 4 months until Jack was ready to come with us back to Kenya; Our family and friends EVERYWHERE who prayed and gave… thanks so much.

I hope this video serves as a temporary substitute for those of you who never got to see Jack. May you meet soon!

Read more about our media equipment project, which allowed us to put this (and other videos) together to share with you:

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  • Nancy Crabtree says:

    Greetings to the amazing Hurd family. Jerry, Mike and I watched the video together laughing and crying our way through. How thankful we are for the gift of Jack and all the Lord has taught you through this time. God bless you and keep you as you return to Africa.

    • jerry says:

      Thanks Nancy for the feedback and encouragement. We’re settling in here… Breanna’s trying to get stuff done in the house when Jack lets her, and I did a recurrency flight today, plus a couple planning meetings. Getting back to the routine… with Jack, too!

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