The Hearts of Fire

“I am a traitor. You’re right. But what I found is better then what I left behind, and you can’t make me be sorry for making the right choice. What would you have done? What would you do, if you had to chose between the love and loyalty of your family, your village, your kind, and the one who is your other half? Would you give up half your heart just for things to stay the same?”

In a land scarred by war, as human and dragon kind battle for survival, a girl and a dragon make a risky decision that may lead to the awakening of an age old evil, buried for decades in one man’s shame…

If their world is to be saved from the wrath of fire, the Hearts of Fire must rise to battle the shadows–even if it means they will have to fall.

Book 1: Dragon Girl

Book 2: Dragon Boy

Book 3: Dragon Sister

Book 4: Dragon Daughter

(none of these are published yet, just so you know. Also, they’re still VERY much works in progress.)

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