Anima is a world overflowing with magic. Every creature, great and small, have powers beyond those of their counterparts on Earth. Though they are divided into the realms of Night and Day, there is little conflict between the animals, and all is as it should be.

Or so it seems.

Then one day, Starwind, a black cat, and Shadow Fang, a black dog, are drawn to an old human ruin, where they find a weak and dying human woman. At the woman’s insistence, Starwind and Shadowfang vow to protect her children, only for them both to be thrown into darkness.

Twelve years later, the animals wake from a dreamless sleep to find themselves in a near-magicless, strange place with the two humans, no longer infants. Lost in the strange world, and unable to communicate with their unknowing charges, Starwind and Shadow Fang must discover the truth: where are they? Who was the woman? And most importantly: Who are they?