Rest In Pieces

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Long time, no see! Or long time, no write, I suppose.

It’s… actually not been as long as I thought, so that’s a pleasant surprise! Regardless, I really am going to try to write on here more regularly. Really!

So, since last time, I have done almost NOTHING to do with Through the Door other than some sketches. In fact, I haven’t done anything to do with writing. Instead, I’ve been watching YouTube, reading comics (and books too, occasionally), playing video games, and sometimes interacting with people.

Co-op marches on, and I’ve got my script memorized and know most of the songs. My costumes looking pretty great, too! I have an obsession with music and making playlists for my books (in theory, I’ll listen to them while I write, but again, I haven’t been writing.)

My wonderful older sister, ‘Livia, has actually left the country and is now in some sort of Bible school! In a whole different country! With no one I know! She seems to be doing fine, though, as far as I know. And it’s not too long until we join her before heading to the homeland. And then we will be gone. For a very long time… I fear for our pets. O-O

Any-who, I’ve decided it’s time to remind myself that yes, I am a writer, and I will write. I’m going to start a new book, and, using my newfound love of art, will make concept art to get myself hyped up! Hey, it works for other things, why not a book I’m writing?

I should also mention I’ve found a new method of making art–ChickenSmoothie, a site that I’ve been a part of for a while but never used for this purpose before! They’ve got this thing that enables you to make art on the computer, and I especially love to use it because of the colors. Colored pencils? Pah! I’ve got real tools now!

So, that’s all that’s up with me. Music is awesome, ChickenSmoothie is awesome, I’ve made exactly one drawing-thing complete with background. That’s… that’s really about it. Oh, and as for the title? Cosmo: September 10, 2005–April 29, 2006. All the nice girls die…

Write to you next month, hopefully!


For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s. ~Romans 14:8, ESV


  1. Sam Mundy

    April 30, 2017

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    First of all, you must come see us.
    Second of all, why THAT title?
    Third of all, I am very confuzzled about your artwork’s title.

    • Grace

      May 1, 2017

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      Yes. We MUST.
      You mean the title of the post? It’s in honor of a character’s death. And also… I felt like it. Besides, she was a plant, there were probably SOME peaces!
      Which artwork? You mean the header-thing?

      • Sam Mundy

        May 1, 2017

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        Yessssss! Come!
        Ah, okay, that makes sense.
        Nevermind, I read the last paragraph wrong.

        • Grace

          May 1, 2017

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          Glad I make more sense than I thought. 😀 And yeah, we’re definitely coming to see you guys! ^^Ooh, pointies…

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