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Hello, great and awesome web searchers! Guess what I have just done? I’ve FINISHED a book! Just a few minutes ago I finished MISSING, which is probably the longest book I’ve ever written. I’ll tell you how long it is later. For now, I want to tell you what it is about. It’s about a stuffed animal I once had (a beagle, which is a kind of dog) and (unfortunately) lost. In this book, Cendy (the stuffed animal main character), Blue (her adopted husky brother), and Decoda (her german shepherd friend): Make friends. Battle fossa and dragons. Look for each other And discover awesome magical lands! I hope that sounds exciting! Anyway, I’m going to celebrate, so, see you later, ~Grace~z~Artist

NaNoWriMo, Stuffed Animals, and dragons–oh my!

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Hello again, surfers of the internet! Guess what? In about a week, NANOWRIMO begins! Woo-hoo! Not to mention that I have nearly finished ANOTHER book–Missing! Of course, you probably don’t know about it yet. But let me just say this–it includes magic, dragons, mysteries and talking stuffed animals! 😀 Doesn’t that sound exciting? I hope it does. 😉 Well, okay, so I’ve been working on it for almost five years. That just means I started it when I was around six or seven. Anyway, I am very happy to have almost finished it–that means I get to start working on ANOTHER book! Yay! Of course, next will be my NaNoWriMo book–and then I’ll probably finish up the Three Tenderpaw (still considering a new title), and then maybe write a sequel to Dragon Girl. 🙂 Well, I haven’t got much else to say, both fortunately and unfortunately–fortunate...

Puppies, Kittens, and the like

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Hello again, awesome blog readers! I am back from my 3-day trip with familia to South Sudan! We visited the coldest place within a less-then-three-hours flight from Loki, where there was mist, rain, fog, and ANIMALS! There were *deep breath* four puppies needing homes five kittens too young to go four cats staying there lots of fiesty chickens, how many, I don’t know one little home-needing pup a lot of strangers who liked to stare a determined group of adults holding it all up three dogs covered in hair six kids who were (not) a pain and lots and lots of rain!!!!! So, you get the idea. The four pups who live there (for now) have temporary names, and now I shall tell you them: Snookums, who I called Fluffy. She is fluffy and yellow and white and sleepy and loves attention. ZuZu, who is also called Zuz and Tiger-dog. She is also fluffy and black and brown and white and skinny and...

Pasta la vista, Nairobi!

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As it says: Pasta la vista, Nairobi and your people! I am actually kind of sad to be flying up and out of the big city and returning to home (for a day, anyway). It IS nice here–unlimited internet (I’m loading an internet game now), lot of people, and the COOLNESS (literally). And, I’m not a fan of airplanes, oddly enough, since my father is a pilot. At least we’re (hopefully) not going in the 206. Anyway, I am kind of excited to see our puppy (I call most dogs puppies) and our kitten (she’s beautiful!). And of course there are our fun-full neighbors, and the excitement of going on a retreat in South Sudan. Sadly, we are leaving today, BEFORE Olivia’s midterm is over! :O Luckily, she has friends in cold places, and they will gladly take her out to do fun things until she has to return to school. Here’s something else fun–I have a LEGO...

Ever so Happy!

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Hello again, peoples of the internet! Today is Wednesday, which is not too important, except that I am having a SLEEPOVER with one of my EXTREMELY good friends! Yipee! And then there’s co-op, and of course, today an important event happened–one of my dragons is officialy a teenager! Granted it was on a video game… But it made me very happy. 😀 So, anyway, not much is going on. Isaiah’s screaming, Jack’s talking gibberish, and I’m getting hungry. Also, I need to pack my bag. But instead I am writing to you. Because that is much funner. 😀 Soon I will go pack. But one more thing–last night I lost TWO teeth! Wow! Awesome! Right? 😉 Well, that’s all for now. WTYL, ~Grace~z~Artist 😉