Media Equipment Project

Communication is ministry. Sure, the majority of how we serve churches comes through aviation, providing reliable, safe, and efficient ways in and out of some pretty rugged areas. But, a significant percentage of our ministry is communicating back home.

This is nothing new. Paul wrote letters encouraging new and old believers in their faith. He urged his co-workers to return to Jerusalem and share the news with Christians back “at home.”

As a pilot, I know I have a significant opportunity to share what I see. That way the triumphs and struggles of those who carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth can be heard and shared by you.

It seems that there is no greater medium than video, and coupled with the internet, I hope to continue sharpening my skills to effectively let you see what I see, and hear the stories I hear.

So, without further ado, let me introduce our media equipment project. I have already invested around $1000, thanks to gifts from friends, to get fairly advanced video editor software, and a great little Panasonic still/video camera. I still have dreams of around another $1000 worth of equipment to help capture more of AIM AIR’s stories.

I’m confident the investment in this gear will have huge returns in the end, and if this appeals to ¬†you, send me a note, give me a call, or just click on the link if you would like to contribute something.

Thanks so much!

Fade in…